VERTIGO - Meble z naturalnego drewna.
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All our products are handmade, which gives them their individual character.

We only use natural wood to create them. We mainly work with oak, but we also reach for other species such as ash, elm, beech and acacia. These are very hard and durable materials, so you can enjoy your furniture for many years. The unique shape and grain pattern of the different tree species makes each final product original and unique.

High-quality natural oils and oil waxes are used for impregnation. We use Danish oil, which is a mixture of tung oil and resins. Oleo-waxes, on the other hand, are a mixture of natural oils, resins and waxes, including carnauba wax. By using these products, we bring out the natural beauty of the wood, emphasise the expressiveness of the grain and obtain a hard coating that is resistant to moisture. Depending on the choice of finish, the wood surface can be matt, satin or glossy.

Wood is usually combined with powder-coated steel, giving the products an industrial and modern feel.